Our 5 hour wedding reception and dance package includes:

Two DJ Professionals – Two experienced DJ professionals at every event is critical to providing superior customer service.  David and Andy have been working together for 20 years and bring both Master of Ceremonies and DJ expertise to your wedding reception and dance.  Having two professionals at your event allows us interact with your guests and also to coordinate with your caterers and photographers to make sure we are working as a team to fulfill your dreams. You are always able to find the DJ for a last minute request or announcement.

Professional Audio System – We invest in top quality audio equipment from the top names in the industry, Denon, JBL, Bag End, Shure and Crown.  Our four speaker JBL sound system is perfect for a majority of wedding venues and features two 18” subwoofers and two 15” full range speakers all equipped with Crown amplifiers, a Denon mixer, Dell Laptop, and Shure wireless microphone.  For large venues like Heritage Hall and The Great Overland Station, we bring our four speaker Bag End sound system featuring two dual 18” subwoofer cabinets and two 15” full range speakers.  The professional audio equipment we use allows us to provide a “clean” sound at a volume appropriate to the event.  Background dinner music is at a level that allows for conversation around the table while still being able to hear announcements from the DJs. Once the dancing starts the sound level is increased a bit so you can “feel” the music, but still at a comfortable level.

Dance Floor Lighting Package – We have transitioned almost completely to LED lighting effects that allow us to create lighting excitement on the dance floor with minimal power consumption.  Our lighting effects are computer controlled which means we adjust the lighting to fit the music throughout the night.  Our normal dance floor lighting system includes an 12’x8’ aluminum truss featuring a myriad of lighting effects; however we are able to scale down to the space and environment available.

Up Lighting Package – Up Lighting is one of the newest technologies in wedding lighting and allows us to customize the venue for your wedding.  Our battery powered, wirelessly controlled up lighting fixtures can be placed about anywhere in a room and programmed to your specific color (we have an app for that!).  Because we have wireless control over the fixtures, a color is not statically assigned to the fixture and left set to that all night.  Once the dance starts we can set the lights to change colors with the music, effectively taking the party around the room.  The Wedding Package includes four fixtures, additional fixtures are available.

Personal Consultation – We meet with the bride and groom one to two weeks prior to the wedding date to go over our comprehensive wedding planning guide.  This guide gives us a plan for the night but is dynamic and can be changed, even the night of the event! After the meeting you will be emailed a copy of the guide to the bride and groom for review, and can also forward it to other vendors.

Online Music Request System – Musical Knights provides an online music request system the bride and groom use to build a list of “Must Play”, “Play If You Have Time”, and “Do Not Play” music selections prior to the wedding celebration.  They can also send a link to their guests allowing them to make requests in advance as well and receive email notification of guest requests. We are still happy to take requests during the wedding dance but requesting in advance guarantees that song.

As a Carlson Craft Wedding invitation dealer we offer invitations and accessories at dealer cost (up to 50% off invitations and 40% off accessories) to customers who book their wedding dances with us.

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